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I’m not keen on turning down more money, and I hope that you feel similarly. Failing to negotiate, or being unprepared to negotiate can mean that you’re truly missing out on money you deserve. 

Negotiation is a multi-layered topic, especially because it happens at many stages of a job search or an established career. This is why I made a five  part course for you to really delve into how to get the money you deserve. 


A video preview is coming soon. Thanks for your patience. 


We debuted this fantastic course on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2020. 



We discuss your money mindset, and any baggage you might have with the topic. We eradicate blockers to you confidently asking for more money. 


We research your market value and help you determine a minimum salary range and an ideal salary range. 



We cover common questions from recruiters, and tactful responses you can use to ensure you do not box yourself into a salary that has you underpaid. 


Yay! You got a job offer (or three.) Now, it’s time to manage the salary negotiation and ensure recruiters feel assured that they made the right choice. 



Absolutely not! In fact, it is designed for someone who is just beginning the job search process. This course covers topics like how to handle job applications that ask for your expected salary. 

Yes, anyone who has nerves about negotiating will benefit from this step by step course. 

The pay you receive for a single job can have ripple effects on your future pay. Often, a job offer and the salary associated with it acts as a “starting point” for your future raises, promotions, and future salaries for job changes. 

I usually aim to help you get $5,000 to $8,000 more on top of the salary that was pitched to you in a job offer. If that range can’t be achieved through negotiation, I am traditionally able to help clients receive at least $2,000 more or non-monetary benefits. 

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